Miami is next stop for Cayman Netball

A competition in Miami will see some of Cayman’s best netballers.

The 16th annual Florida Netball Classic will be held in Miami, Florida 12-14 October 2007. Cayman will figure to be one of over 40 international teams from around the world including England, Canada and the Caribbean.

The Cayman squad is expected to be made up primarily of players from the Adult League. Welly’s Storm and All Stars, two teams from John Gray High School, are expected to field most of the players.

The tournament is seen as a tune-up for the start of the local season, which begins in November 2007.

News of the upcoming tournament comes on the heels of the recently completed local season. The season was capped by the Cayman Islands Netball Association (CINA) awards ceremony on 6 June.

Treasurer of CINA Norma Ferryman feels the season on a whole was a success.

‘The recently completed season was very good. The players were excited and eager to play the game they love. The people who supported the sport and organized leagues and rallies did an excellent job.’

Ferryman believes everyone did well this season. She points to teams in the Adult League like Welly’s and All Stars and those in the Junior leagues like Cayman Brac, Cayman Prep, Heritage High and New Horizons as proof.

In spite of these achievements, Ferryman feels there are areas that could be improved.

‘CINA needs more and better facilities. Some of our courts were turned into basketball courts and we have not gotten any new courts to replace those.

‘CINA needs a national coach to improve the overall development of the netballers and assist CINA to realize its goals and objectives. A few faithful volunteers cannot do the job of a coach, who is paid to work full time.’

Nevertheless, Cayman netball has some things in its favour. Among them are the level of dedication of volunteers and the presence of financial assistance from government.

Ferryman believes netball is a sport that has great promise and a solid youth program.

‘I think the game of netball is gradually improving. If we get back a National Coach, the game should soar to new heights.

‘CINA supports the game at all levels from schools to the Adult leagues and rallies. The sport has done well in all these different age group.’

Cayman netball is set to take on new challenges in the future. A Jamaican Umpire Tester and Trainer will continue to visit and host workshops that will teach individuals in acquiring certification to umpire at an international level. Also, men will be allowed to play females through a mixed league that is expected to start on 25 August 2007.

Looking ahead to 2008, An U16 team will compete in the 2008 Caribbean Open Championship. Also, the Cathedral Netball Club from England will take on Cayman squads in April.

Ferryman is optimistic about netball’s future in Cayman. She feels the youth will carry the sport in the forthcoming competition and for years to come.

‘The future looks bright for netball in the Cayman Islands. Our President Lucille Seymour has done a lot of hard work to keep the sport alive. We have players of all age groups who love this game and they support every aspect of its development.

‘CINA would like to thank all our supporters who donated so generously over the season. Your contributions help make positive changes in the lives of our netballers.’

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