He’s still all Wight at 40

One of Cayman’s best known cricketing families has to be the Wights. Dad Derek was a founder of the By-Rite club in the Seventies and all five of his sons have played for them over the years. When Wight twins David and Christopher quit last year that left Philip and Michael to carry on the family dynasty. (Other brother Brian dropped off the line up years ago.)

Philip is still going strong but at 40 he jokingly admits that his days may be numbered. Yet he was good enough to hit an impressive 32 for By-Rite on Sunday against Esso in a Money Express knockout match. Even though By-Rite lost by four runs, Wight’s knock was one of the team’s highlights along with the 98 scored by Kineal Irvine.

Wight was a stalwart in the Cayman national side from 2000 until recently when he didn’t make the team to Australia for the World Cup qualifiers. ‘Age must be catching up on me,’ he joked. ‘Ah well, I’ve enjoyed my playing days. Travelling has been fun too. I’ve been all over, including Malaysia and Argentina.’

Wight may not have reached the heights of his uncle Vibart and granddad Oscar who both played for the West Indies, but at least he’s represented Cayman and at club level outlasted three of his four siblings!

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