A new take on working out

It’s no secret that, for at least the last few decades, figure-minded people have been scouring the planet for the magic weight-and-inches-loss bullet.

Hypoxi VacuTherapy, which touts itself as an all-natural alternative to liposuction and plastic surgery, promises just that, and a new studio has just opened in Grand Cayman’s Galleria Plaza for those willing to take the plunge.

This circulatory system enhancement process, patented in 1997 by Austrian sports physiologist Norbert Egger, claims to speed up fat loss by using vacuum suction to stimulate blood circulation through the body’s fat deposits, in particular in the stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs.

The increased blood flow through these areas is supposed to aid in the fat’s absorption into the bloodstream. By incorporating ‘fat-burning’ exercise into the process, the fat will then be burned off by the exercising muscles.

Proponents, including celebrities like Robbie Williams, cite results in inches within a matter of weeks. Involving less pain and tears than a standard gym training programme, Hypoxi’s promise is hard to resist.

And with a maximum of four clients in the studio at any one time, the gym facilities offer a high level of discretion and privacy.

There’s something for every fitness level: the Dermology suit uses gentle suction action to reduce cellulite, while S120 and L250 Hypoxi training involves pedalling a stationary bike inside a waist-down vacuum chamber to slim hips and thighs.

The Vacunaut Pressure Suit is designed to get rid of the stubborn spare tire.

But potential users should be forewarned: because the neoprene suit needs to be suctioned empty of air, it is very constricting, and the seals around the neck, wrists and legs can feel quite tight. There is also a fair amount of sweating involved which can also be rather uncomfortable, especially after a quarter of an hour on the elliptical training machine.

The studio’s trainers assure sceptics that results begin showing in as few as two or three treatments, which also come with a diet and lifestyle plan designed to work in tandem with the Hypoxi treatments.

One month of 12 VacuTraining sessions three times a week costs CI$945, while adding on twice weekly Dermology raises the cost to $1,265. Less costly options are also available, although the programme is designed around a first round of intensive therapy for quicker results. If you think you can hack it, and getting rid of body fat fast is a high priority, Hypoxi might just be the magic bullet you’ve been looking for.

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