Focus on Youth Basketball and Coaching

The local basketball association will look to boost coaching and youth involvement even more soon.

The Cayman Islands Basketball Association (CIBA) recently stated its intentions to host tournaments geared for youngsters. Coaching seminars and a women’s tournament are also in the works.

One of the age-specific tournaments will be the U19 version. It is slated to begin 25 September. Registration is ongoing and ends 25 August.

The other will be an U15 tournament. This will be held in January 2008 on Saturdays and Sundays. This is done so that children can continue going to school during the week. Details are expected to be announced at a later date.

The women’s contest is being referred to as a senior women’s tournament. It will take place January 2008 as well, this time on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

All competitions will be held at the Digicel Court on Eastern Avenue.

Meanwhile, coaching initiatives will also be in progress. In September 2007, the CIBA is slated to host a course for all referees and coaches.

Then in October of this year, CIBA will bring in an international FIBA coach. This will give any member of the public the opportunity to pass a level one FIBA coaching course. That certification entitles anyone to coach any child in any part of the world.

National Coach Victor ‘Voot’ O’Garro says there are various reasons behind these events. Among them is a desire to keep the public informed about local happenings and discover talent for national teams.

‘We are hoping to use the U15 [tournament] and U12 [primary school] competitions to construct our U16 and U18 national teams.’

Coach O’Garro went on to say that through the various events he hopes to utilize all the talented players who do not fall in a convenient age group.