Is your life out of balance?

Are you doing too many things at one time? Balance in lifestyle and energy requires being focused on the project or task of the moment rather than busily juggling eight different things at one time. Burning broccoli alerts me to the fact that I’m getting too scattered and distracted by the myriad of things to do and not ‘staying in the moment’.

Multi-tasking seems to be the way of modern-day life; even for us here on the island time forgot. How many things do you do while driving your car? How many things do you see other people doing as they drive? Read a paper, eat lunch, finalize business on the cell, call ahead for take out, put on lipstick, check out the look in the mirror. Not only does stress increase when we are pre-occupied with all we have to do, dangerous accidents occur.

How about getting ready for work? One lady shared with me that she almost choked on her corn flakes while reaching down to fill the dog’s water bowl with her young son balanced on one hip. Doing too many things at one time not only creates stress, it’s dangerous.

One of the secrets of living a well-balanced lifestyle is to compartmentalize your life.

Dale Carnegie, one of the forefathers of successful living, wrote conceptually of this in the 1940s. With the advance of technology and the world’s pulls, pushes and demands, how beneficial it is for us today to remember such a principle.

Do what you are doing in the moment and let the worries and burdens of other tasks be put aside until it’s time for them. Plan segments of time for household chores and tasks and stick to it.

When at work, be at work, focused on the job at hand. Allow time for rest and recreation and squelch the urge to always be doing, picking up, organizing. When eating lunch, eat lunch; let go of the computer work till you are finished.

Life is a journey to be enjoyed and savoured; not a race to get all the jobs done.

As for the burning broccoli, so much for checking emails while supper simmers. I’ve had to throw out three cooking pots so far – stay present in what you are doing.

Tips to rebalance your life

Notice what drains your energy. Too much time working, mental worrying, lack of quiet, prayer time, poor physical fitness, improper nutrition?

Think about what you are thinking. Are you thinking tired thoughts, stressful thoughts, worry thoughts? Our thoughts become our reality. If you think you are tired, you will feel tired and therefore become tired – end of story.

Carefully plan how you use your time. After putting in long hours at the office, plan some time outdoors. Make a date with your partner or friends. Take some down time to reflect upon your goals, to read.

Claim your personal right to choose. Attitudes that generate feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness lead to low self-esteem, drain us of positive physical energy and weaken overall health.

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