Liquor Licence review under way

A review of the Liquor Licensing Law is already under way, Minister Charles Clifford said in a press statement this week.

He made the statement in response to the Leader of the Opposition, McKeeva Bush’s call for a full scale review of the liquor licensing law (see Caymanian Compass, 8 August). Mr. Bush has submitted a motion to the Legislative Assembly calling for the review, to be considered during the next sitting of the house which begins on 31 August.

Mr. Clifford said the Ministry has been directed to oversee the review of the law with primary reference to a pre-existing report, which had been prepared by a Liquor Licensing Review Committee appointed by Mr. Bush in 2003, when he was the Minister responsible for liquor licensing. ‘The original report was presented in July 2003, however no actions had ever been taken in respect to the findings of the review,’ said Mr. Clifford.

Mr. Bush said that there were several reasons the review did not go through at that time, one being that the Governor at that time directed that it should be a fuller review. This is why, Mr. Bush said, he presented the motion for a more complete review to be done, something he said he had promised people at a meeting in Savannah some months back.

Mr. Clifford said in the statement that he had announced during a press briefing on 8 June, 2007, that the Ministry was vetting this report with a view of bringing amendments to the law.

‘I hope the Leader of the Opposition will support the amending bill, in accordance with the spirit of his motion, when I table it for debate in the Legislative Assembly’ he said.

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