Today’s Editorial August 10: Duty to work with young

The Caymanian Compass Editorial Department has had the good fortune this summer of employing two interns.

Both young people are Caymanians and have been an asset to the editorial team.

Hannah Reid is pretty sure she wants a job in print journalism, but wanted to find out the nuts and bolts of what a newspaper newsroom does before making her decision.

We hope that she leans in the direction of print journalism and comes back to us next summer.

Matthew Yates is in his final year of university and has interned with us many times.

He will become a permanent staff member after he graduates in December.

We think it is important to grow our own journalists from Caymanian youth.

Companies like Cayman Free Press can do so much to ensure our young people receive the right education to pursue careers here, at home.

We would encourage any company that is approached by a Caymanian student who shows an interest in that business to seriously consider taking them on and training them after school hours and during education breaks.

Companies can even go a step farther.

They can contact high school counsellors and express interest at finding students to help train.

There is too often the cry from Caymanians that they can’t find jobs here; that jobs are going instead to expatriates.

By working with young people before they pursue higher education and getting them interested in the employment opportunities we have here at home, we can help make sure those students become productive adults in Cayman when they are older.

In addition to working with the interns this summer, Cayman Free Press is actively working with the University College of the Cayman Islands and other media houses to help develop a course of study for Caymanians interested in print and broadcast journalism.

We just think it’s right that businesses take time to work with young people to show them what’s available in the job market here at home.

If companies don’t get behind our youth we have no one to blame but ourselves if future Caymanians can’t find placement in businesses here.

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