Government on track with indoor facilities

Cayman’s national coach says local government is keeping its arrangement to construct more sports facilities.

National Basketball Coach Victor ‘Voot’ O’Garro says government officials have told him plans are in motion to establish those facilities.

‘Presently government is in the process of building multi-purpose facilities in different parts of the country.

‘At the moment, there are no indoor facilities. We [CIBA in conjunction with the local government] are in the process of acquiring one or more.’

Government officials were unable to comment about the specifics regarding sports facilities. They only said that a report by foreign consultants is being prepared. The results of the report are expected to be publicly announced shortly.

Plans are reportedly in place for every single school being built to come with an indoor facility. The indoor facilities will be for any suitable sport in addition to other purposes.

Among the various places that are set to see those facilities are John Gray High School and Frank Sound. No details were disclosed about the Frank Sound venture.

However, the understanding is that John Gray will be re-done to accommodate the plans. Currently, John Gray has one multipurpose hall.

Coach O’Garro feels that the building of the facilities will heighten the appeal for many sports in Cayman.

‘The influx of international teams and international games will re-energize the game to a higher level. They [indoor facilities] will surely benefit all indoor sports.’

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