Lions Club raffle postponed

The Lions Club of Grand Cayman Land Raffle to be drawn on 10 August has been postponed.

Lion President Lee Ramoon said that after reconciling ticket sales approximately $30,000 has been collected. This figure is well below the market value of the property. The property was surveyed and valued at $49,000.

The Clubs target was to raise $100,000-$200,000 for the Pines Retirement Home. Therefore the Lions Club of Grand Cayman feels it would be unfair to the Pines Retirement Home and Lion Mike Simmons who donated the property, to close out the raffle at less than market value.

The Pines have earmarked the funds for their scheduled renovation project and new wing. Lion President Lee expresses tremendous gratitude to the members of the public who have generously supported the project so far by purchasing tickets and helping to promote the cause.

The club will soon announce a new date and wants to insure the public that all tickets will be honoured at the new date. Mr. Ramoon is also appealing to those that have not yet purchased a ticket to do so.

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