Workshop addresses juggling priorities

Are you managing your life or is it managing you?

This conundrum and other issues about juggling life’s priorities were the subject of a Lions seminar at the Marriot Hotel Friday.

Rayle Robert

Lions Club of Grand Cayman member and workshop facilitator Rayle Roberts. Photo: Elphina Magona

The interactive workshop ‘Balancing Work, Family and Lionism’ was run as part of District 60B’s first Cabinet meeting for the Lionistic year. Aimed at helping attendees prioritise their commitments to get more out of Lions and subsequently put more into it, the workshop offered many invaluable life lessons.

Facilitator Lion Rayle Roberts got participants up on their feet within the first five minutes.

Expecting the usual PowerPoint presentation followed by group discussion, attendees, judging by the strong applause, left suitably impressed.

Using coloured party balloons as educational tools to represent life’s priorities, Lion Rayle had participants balancing balloons, swapping them and juggling them. The exercise was a novel way of getting attendees to focus on how, if one doesn’t learn to juggle priorities, one invariably ends up dropping the balloon.

The facilitator then discussed how managing time more effectively was a way to achieve harmony into the work-life balance. He gave several pointers as to how to achieve such balance adding that imbalance was one of the leading causes of stress.

Lions Club of Tropical Gardens member and Assistant Professor of Business and Hospitality Beverley Blessitt-Vincent was impressed: ‘I found the workshop relevant especially to us as career women and mothers who are constantly multi-tasking in our everyday lives.’

Fellow attendee Peter Balls, one of the co-founders of the Lions Club of Grand Cayman, said: ‘The whole workshop was excellent.’

Participants were also advised that in Lionism as in other things: ‘Your individual balance hangs in direct relation to everyone else’s’.

The hour long session, introduced by Lion Debbie Ebanks, 2nd vice-president of the Lions Club of Grand Cayman, ended with attendees being given a priorities audit sheet to fill in.

District 60B includes approximately 72 Lions clubs from Barbados in the eastern Caribbean to the Cayman Islands in the western Caribbean.

Rayle Roberts is a therapist and co-owner of The Wellness Centre. He has been an active member Lions Club of Grand Cayman for the past six years and has held various posts within the Leos Club and the Lions.

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