Alert: What to do

A hurricane alert has been issued for the Cayman Islands and members of the public are being advised to take the necessary precautionary measures.

The National Hurricane Centre reports that Hurricane Dean is located 14.6 degrees north and 62.6 degrees west. It is expected to affect the Cayman Islands within 48 hours.

The National Hurricane Committee is advising persons to take the following protective actions:

• Check to ensure that you have emergency supplies and items for securing your home.

• Stock up on emergency supplies as needed.

• Secure your yard by cutting overhanging limbs from trees and moving garden furniture, and any loose items indoors.

• Decide where you will ride out the storm, and make the necessary arrangement to stay with friends/go to a shelter/ book into a hotel.

• If you must go to a public shelter, find the closest shelter to you and decide how you will get there.

• Fill vehicles with gasoline and, if necessary, withdraw some cash from the bank.

• Stay tuned to the radio, television and for the latest official notices from the National Hurricane Committee

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