Student readers are awarded

John Cumber students read 6,551 books, magazines or comics under the Welcome Home DEAR programme. To track the students’ reading, an idea was borrowed from the book ‘Learning to Graph from a Baby Tiger’. For each twenty books that each class read, they were given a baby tiger. Classes that read 300 or more books were promoted to the Super Tigers category. When the programme ended on June 15, 2007, there were seven classes on the Super Tigers list. These are: Year 2 Williams; Year 3 Lindo, Year 4 Coles; Year 5 Ottey; Year 6 Smith, Year 6 Hoilett and Year 6 Binger. Of the 9, 500 books, magazines and comics borrowed from the library for this year, students read 6551 under this programme. Year 4 Coles read the most books topping the charts at 738, followed by Year 2 Williams with 676. Year 6 Hoilett ended in third place with 632. Boys read 1636 books while the girls read 4913.

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