Foster’s making shoppers smarter

In an effort to help alleviate the continued concern regarding the escalation of the cost of living in the Cayman Islands, Foster’s Food Fair IGA is launching a new directive to help customers shop smarter and save money.

This new directive is designed to educate customers on cost savings and reconfirm Foster’s Food Fair IGA’s standing as Cayman’s Leader in Savings.

This new directive has two platforms; the first being Leader in Savings used to promote the over 1000 items Foster’s Food Fair IGA has on sale daily in each of its stores. These 1000 items are of various savings with some items discounted as high as 70 per cent off. These Leader in Savings items will be highlighted with a green and blue shelf talker and end cap displays which simply state We Care, Leader in Savings, states a press release.

The second being Low Price Leader used to promote specific commodity group items priced to be leaders in the category. Foster’s is able to make this claim due to the large volume Foster’s sells of these items and the discounts they receive for the volume they sell. Economically stated; the more they sell the better price they receive from their vendor and the better price they are able to offer their customers. These Low Price Leader items will be highlighted with a red shelf talker which simply states We Care, Low Price Leader.

Woody Foster, the managing director of Foster’s Food Fair IGA stated ‘Foster’s Food Fair is trying to give you the best price available every day on the products you buy day in and day out. In a price sensitive market it is essential to ensure customers are receiving the best products available, for the best prices available and we are constantly working to achieve these tasks. With the current strains on the economy, we feel this was a simple way to let our customers know we are looking for alternatives to lower costs and We Care about their well being.’

When these tags go up, it means prices are going down, so look for the items and watch your savings grow.

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