Today’s Editorial August 22: Issues revealed storm

We can all let go our collectively held breath.

Hurricane Dean has passed us by.

Unlike the build up to powerful storms in the past, it seems just about everyone in the Cayman Islands as a whole was a little more prepared.

Special kudos go to the staff at Radio Cayman for not only keeping the station on the air, but providing quick, relevant information.

Other radio stations – many of them without any kind of news format at all – stepped up their efforts too to keep Cayman informed.

While preparations went well, we can still learn from our experiences with Dean.

One of the things learned, or remembered, is that Radio Cayman is in desperate need of new equipment, especially if Government continues to use it as a conduit to get relevant information out to the public.

We would hope that the equipment issues at Radio Cayman can be addressed before we have another storm.

That was just one of the issues that arose during Dean’s passing.

We can’t call what we went through a test run or a practice session.

Dean was a very real, strong and dangerous storm.

It’s just by the grace of God the system tracked south of Grand Cayman.

While damage here was minimal, there was still damage to roads, docks, buildings and houses.

Another issue that arose, again, was the Savannah Gully.

Consultants have been hired and given their reports on what can be done to stop sea water from flooding onto the main road when we have storms.

It’s time action is taken.

That gully was brought to the public’s attention way back in 1773. Today the gully causes far more problems than it did back then because there are more people on the island and we now have motorised vehicles.

Driving through the saltwater in the gully is more than dangerous; it can also ruin a car’s computer system.

It’s time for Government to take action and find a fix for the gully problem once and for all.

Radio Cayman, the Savannah Gully. Those are just two of the issues that present themselves when we have storms.

There were other things that didn’t go quite right that we are sure will be addressed.

But overall, the preparation and actions taken during the storm were good.

It appears Cayman is no longer complacent about hurricanes.

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