Bring back pride, ethics

As I read your 23 August newspaper two articles struck me. The first, ‘Cayman 100 years ago’ and a letter to the Editor ‘Take responsibility for your own needs’

Cayman has come a long way from being the islands that time forgot and we have progressed in many ways, not the least economically. We have taller buildings, more money, nicer cars and annual vacations abroad, but what have we lost?

One hundred years ago we were applauded for having a ‘low percentage of illegitimacy compared to other jurisdictions, which is indicative of the character of the people.’

How sad that this can no longer be said; sad in that there are more broken families that result in lack of discipline and social disorder.

The article further states ‘During the year there was never more than one prisoner in confinement.’ That was 100 years ago and while I am not quite that old I can remember having to pass the lockup on my way to school and there were very few times that anyone was there. On weekends perhaps a drunken man would have to be detained overnight, simply to sleep off his overindulgence. We already have had three murders reported this year and many incidences of abuse; very sad.

Turning to the other article mentioned above I cannot help but think how much of our pride we have lost.

Have we become a community of people who think that the world owes us everything?

Are we continually looking for handouts instead of priding ourselves as the hardworking Caymanians we used to be?

Do we care for what we have so that we do not always have to replace it? Or worse yet, expect Government or society to replace it for us? Or are we a people who must always have everything new, regardless of how we get it?

Is the fabric of our society breaking down? Whose culture are we mimicking?

While I do not want to see again the days of mosquitoes and other inconveniences I would certainly welcome back a time of pride, hard work, good ethics and family morals.

Thank your for allowing me space in your paper

Ella Kaye Lockwood

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