Hurley’s switching to trans fat-free oil

Hurley’s Supermarket is switching to trans fat-free soybean oil for cooking and frying in its deli and bakery, the supermarket announced this week.

Hurley’s joins a parade of food suppliers around the world abandoning trans fats.

The main source of trans fats is partially hydrogenated oils, formed when hydrogen is added to liquid vegetable oils to harden them. They are used to increase the shelf life of products and help retain their taste

Unlike other dietary fats, trans fats are neither required nor beneficial for health. Evidence suggests that artificial trans fats boost ‘bad’ cholesterol and lower ‘good’ cholesterol, increasing the risk of heart disease and stroke.

For these reasons, health authorities worldwide recommend that consumption of trans fat be reduced to trace amounts.

Hurley’s said it expects the transition to be completed by 7 September. Signs informing customers of the change will be displayed at Hurley’s deli and bakery.

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