Today’s Editorial October 04: Show decorum in the House

Many who took our last poll at commented on what many of us are thinking about some of the debate that goes on in the Legislative Assembly.

The poll was actually asking online users whether they listen to Legislative Assembly debate at night on Radio Cayman.

One of the poll respondents said they would like to listen more, but they don’t like the ‘schoolyard bickering.’

We believe the hallowed halls of the Legislative assembly should be treated as such. It is not a place for shouting or name calling.

We elected the leaders of our Government to represent us, not to fight amongst each other.

The members of the Legislative Assembly have an enormously important job to do – properly run our country by adopting laws, making financial decisions and keeping the country running.

They are men and women who are to be looked up to both in the House and day-to-day.

But when members deviate from matters of the country to make personal insults and accusations in the House, they are putting that respect in danger.

It’s not just the voters who are paying attention to what’s going on in the House. Our youngsters are also watching, listening and learning.

What are our leaders teaching them?

All of us who care about this country and how it is governed should listen to the debate that goes on in the Legislative Assembly when it is aired on Radio Cayman.

It’s the best way for us to know what our elected officials are doing on our behalf.

But many of us will turn off the radio when the debate turns ugly and indeed sounds like schoolyard bickering.

We don’t envy Madam Speaker’s position.

While she can and does enforce order, she shouldn’t have to call any member of the Legislative Assembly down for abusive language.

Please, legislators, remember where you are when you are in the House and show decorum at all times.

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