Steps to a healthier family diet


Dr. William Sears knows a lot about nutrition. He’s been a practicing pediatrician for more than 35 years and has co-authored more than 30 books on parenting and childcare. Dr. Sears states that there is a nutritional crisis in America.

Dr. Sears is a strong proponent of Juice Plus. Juice Plus contains the nutritional essence of 17 different fruits and vegetables and grains conveniently packaged in little capsules and gummies for children. ‘It’s like an insurance policy to make sure you get more of the nutrition you need from fruits and vegetables.’

The quantity and quality of clinical research into Juice Plus is evident; this company is low on advertising and high on research. The positive role fruits and vegetables play in health are linked to cancer prevention, immune system strengthening, cardiovascular health and lower risk of chronic disease.

Introducing Juice Plus to your family is a positive step, especially where fruits and vegetables are lacking or when the nutritional value of these vital foods is diminished by shipping delays and storage time.

Here are simple steps you can take this week for yourself and your family:

? Shape young tastes. Children develop a taste for whatever is provided. Provide real, wholesome food and allow occasional junk food.

? Feed your family the right fats, not necessarily ‘low-fats’.

? Feed your family the right carbohydrates. It’s simple – bad carbs come from the factory. Usually they’re wrapped in bright plastic and cellophane.

? Start the day with a ‘brainy’ breakfast. The brain does not store energy, so it requires a steady supply. Please email [email protected] for the ‘Cosmic Pancake’ recipe.

? Make fruits and vegetables, along with whole grains, a priority.

? The importance of healthy eating cannot be emphasized enough. Would you put bad gasoline in your car? With the service your body provides, it too deserves optimum fuel.


For family nutrition information or to order Juice Plus, please email Donna at [email protected]. Visit Juice Plus at:

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