No help for puppy

I must say that over the 11 ½ years that I have lived here I have been disappointed with some decisions that the powers that be have made.

But what has happened to me takes the cake.

I have a very sick 10-month-old pup in the vet’s office who needs critical care off island. But because there is pit bull in her mix, she is forbidden to be brought back on island after her medical care. My puppy is not a breeder nor is she a fighting dog; she is simply a very near and dear part of my family.

The Department of Agriculture has decided that since she is not spayed she cannot come back here. The fact of the matter is the pup has been sick for several months now off and on. Her well times have only lasted two weeks, not long enough to have the spay done.

I was in agreement to have the pup spayed in Miami or brought back here and not released to me until the procedure was done. But that was not good enough.

Instead the pup must suffer because pit bull is in her blood.

My veterinarian stuck her neck out to recommend that this pup go overseas for treatment.

The funny thing is it was approved over the phone on a recent Tuesday morning. I, along with the vet’s office, spent all day Tuesday making the arrangements for her to be sent first thing Wednesday morning.

I was called at 4pm to come and get my export/import certificate. On my way up to the agriculture building, I received a call telling me that there was a problem and they could not disclose the problem but they would call me within the next half hour.

Being that my dog’s life probably depends on these people’s decision I drove up there anyway.

I asked for one person and another one was sent to me. This man took me into a room, never introduced himself, never shook my hand, never apologised that this was happening; just rudely and as a matter of factly told me my pup could not travel.

He told me there was no problem sending her, but she just couldn’t come back. He even advised me to send her anyway. For what? To be treated then left to live in a shelter.

I am still trying to figure his suggestion out. The man was one of the coldest and rudest people I have ever had to deal with in a sensitive situation.

He was informed that another pit bull was sent recently and was allowed to come back. He basically called the person a liar and didn’t want to hear about it. Case was closed, pup is left to die.

The disturbing thing is that no one from the Agriculture Department even looked into the situation.

No one ever asked the vet why the situation was so dire, no one ever came to see the condition that the pup was in.

If I or my vet was dishonest we, in all reality, could have lied and said that the dog was a mixed breed, never mentioning pit bull and probably gotten approval to bring my pup back home.

And they say honesty is the best policy.

Is that really the case when dealing with an issue such as this?

I truly feel for the animals that are in the care of humans who are capable of making such inhumane decisions. Perhaps these individuals should stick to caring for plants. Punish the deed, not the breed!

Shelley Ware

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