Students team up with Santa

Unique Dezignz, a Junior Achievement student company, has introduced a creative product for a reasonable price for the holiday season – photos with Santa and his elves.

Mentored by dms Organization Ltd., Unique Dezignz debuted its photo product this past Saturday at Camana Bay in the courtyard near the Books & Books grand opening. The students offered a 4 x 6 inch photo with Santa and his elves, packaged in a holiday card holder and envelope for $5. They also sold an add-on version of the photo package that included wallet size photos for an additional $2. During its first day selling, Unique Dezignz estimates selling approximately 50 photos/packages. Children, families and even pets had photos taken with Santa and his elves.

In order to prepare for the photo product, Unique Dezignz students developed a product plan that included developing a backdrop/setting for the Santa photos; designing elf costumes; renting a Santa suit and actor; researching and purchasing photo card holders and envelopes; renting, setting up and testing a camera and photo printing system and assigning on-site student duties such as selling, order taking, photography, printing, etc.

Unique Dezignz will next sell its photos with Santa and his elves at the National Trust Art and Crafts Festival Saturday from 9am to 2pm at Dart Park.

A few photo purchasers who did not claim their photos from Camana Bay shoot may pick up copies there or contact Deiandra McCoy, Unique Dezignz, VP of marketing, at (345)-924-8544 or at [email protected] .

The photos are the second product that Unique Dezignz developed. In mid-November, the students introduced their own branded bottled water product with optional flavour packets attached to the bottles. The Unique Dezignz bottled water is sold for $1.50. Bottled water with flavour packets can be purchased for $2. Some of the flavours include lemonade, grape, fruit punch, etc. The water was sold on Saturdays at Governor’s Beach on 17 November and outside Kirk Home Centre on 24 November and 1 December 1st. The water is also on sale at all upcoming Santa photo locations.

For more information on Unique Dezignz and its products contact Deiandra McCoy, VP of marketing at (345)-924-8544 or at [email protected].

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