Free lecture on healthy eating

Healthy eating as a way of staying young and looking beautiful is not a new concept, but Tonya Zavasta may have a new approach to promoting the idea.

Cayman residents will be able to hear it for themselves on Saturday, 26 January, at the Family Life Centre, 7.30pm. There is no admission fee.

Ms Zavasta is not a medical doctor. In her books she refers to herself as a raw food lifestyle specialist. On her website, she tells how she was born with a hip deformity that required childhood surgeries. As an adult, she ‘sought a lifestyle that would support her recovery and offset the ravages of multiple operations’ and ‘immersed herself in scientific data on health and nutrition.’

In 2002, she began sharing her knowledge in a series of lectures that were increasingly well received because of her informal and humorous style. She published her first book, Your Right to be Beautiful, in 2003. This was followed by Beautiful on Raw, in 2005, detailing the benefits of eating food in its natural state.

A local resident who was helped by Ms Zavasta’s books invited her to speak in Cayman last year, but her schedule did not permit it. This year, however, she is combining a brief vacation with one lecture only.

More of Ms Zavasta’s background can be found at