Surfers welcome back Waveloch

Wave surfers wanting a bit more of a challenge than the gentle ones that Cayman tosses up can go back to the artificial one in Grand Harbour now. It’s right beside the skate park, behind Hurley’s supermarket.

Surf boarding on the Black Pearl’s Waveloch Surf Machine is available again after months of inactivity. There are only a few of its kind in the world, so it’s your chance to boast of the experience on the surf machine that can generate waves of up to 11 feet in height. With four adjustable water flows, a customized experience is available for boogie boarders, beginners and experienced surf enthusiasts.

The water flow can be pushed up to 150,000 gallons per minute to replicate the real thing without lots of hassle like swimming out again to find the next wave.

Re-opening of Waveloch ties in with the relaunch of the Brick House restaurant beside it. John Mack is the restaurant manager. He also manages the Next Level nightclub. ‘We took over in November and we knew that we had one of the most unique attractions here in the Cayman Islands, what with the second largest skate park in the world and one of only three or four right hand breaking standing waves, so we decided to take advantage of it and incorporate it into our restaurant theme,’ he said.

‘And here we are today. We’ve got a busy restaurant with this attraction running every Saturday and by appointment after that.

‘There is some surfing but it’s either smaller waves or a lot of iron shore which is kind of dangerous. This is a free standing wave with is completely safe. It’s more like snow boarding or wave boarding than actual surfing and takes a bit of getting used to but once you’ve got going you can do some amazing things on it and its safe and fun for everybody.’

Price of the surfing is negotiable depending on the size of the group. Individually, it costs around CI$20 per half hour. It’s generally about $250 an hour and it’s available for private parties, instruction and corporate hire. Telephone number is appropriately: 329-WAVE.

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