Netball back at Truman

On Saturday the netball community held games at Truman Bodden Sports Complex.

According to the Cayman Islands Netball Association, plans are in place to hold regular practice sessions at the facility in the future.

Until now, CINA had been relegated to hosting events for the netball community at the various schools.

The complex has been undergoing a bevy of renovations to areas such as the roof over the last six months.

The centre of major sporting events over the years, the compound had been unable to host any activities such as football, rugby and netball matches.

The latest work to have been done to the site is the completion of major lighting repairs.

According to the Head of the Department of Youth and Sports Dalton Watler, the work was part of servicing the site’s electrical components.

‘We did an upgrade of the electrical components. We installed new electrical circuits and new poles. Everything is done and the lights are fully installed.’

Watler says the renovations necessitated that the netball courts would be rendered inactive.

‘In the complex there is one circuit and one panel. To work on all the various parts, the circuit had to be cut off.

‘Work was done in the changing rooms. The wires that are there are connected to the netball courts. But everything is tested and ready to go again.’

Work is being done on the track and the infield.

The track is in the process of being given a new layer of asphalt. Meanwhile, seeds are being planted on the inner field to spring up new grass.

According to Mr. Watler, the complex is on target to host all sports in the near future.

‘Our main priority right now is the track and the relaying of asphalt. So far, the upgrades I’ve seen have been good and everything is on time so far.

‘Soon we’ll be able to host matches at Truman Bodden Sports Complex once again.’

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