Marlin will feed Pines

An American tourist has smashed one of Cayman’s oldest fishing records.

Jim Allen was the lucky fisherman who snared a 610lbs blue marlin on Sunday. Allen, his brother Tim and seven buddies flew in from the United States and had the competition between themselves in two boats.

The giant fish which took five hours to reel in, beat the 24-year-old record by 26lbs. The world is over 1,200lbs.

The ironic thing is that had Allen caught the marlin a week earlier, at the Cayman Islands Fishing Tournament, he would have earned thousands instead of the few bucks he received from his mates.

Darren Ebanks was the captain of the boat, Hit and Run, that Allen caught the fish four miles off the turtle farm bank.

‘I’ve caught a lot of big fish and knew for sure this was probably the biggest when after two hours we couldn’t gain anything on the fish,’ said Ebanks. ‘I saw the fish when it first bit but didn’t get a good look at it.

‘We knew it was big but not how big it was. When I first saw it come out of the water I couldn’t believe how big it was.

‘We filleting it right now and donating it to The Pines (retirement home). That should feed a few people!’