Digicel pulls out of five-a-side

In spite of the growth of five-a-side football, Digicel has pulled out of the sport.

Apparently the company informed Kings Sports Centre of its decision just this week.

According to personnel at Kings, Digicel was slated to provide complimentary phones to Century 21, the Division 1 tournament champions.

The company notified Kings after the end of the tournament that it could not distribute the phones.

Shortly thereafter, Digicel announced its decision to pull its sponsorship. The reason given was financial constraints.

Officials at Kings say they were shocked by Digicel’s decision. They say the surprising loss of a key sponsor will be a setback for the sport.

Among those left reeling after the sudden move is Kings Athletic Director Ray Singh.

‘We’re sorry to lose Digicel. The past two years were great but a new regime in the Digicel Marketing office has put an end to that. We are disappointed with the way our relationship has ended but we thank them for the prior support.’

Casandra Harris, Digicel’s Head of Marketing, had this to say on the situation.

‘Digicel thanks Kings Sports Center for all of its hard work in developing a great programme which is enjoyed by all.’

Five-a-side football is relatively new. Play began two years ago in April 2006. The game is one of Cayman’s fastest growing sports.

Officials at Kings say the league has grown to accommodate 600 players and 12 games per week.

Singh said Kings will now look elsewhere for help in the corporate community.

‘We are dedicated to keeping this league a vibrant one, and will begin to search out potential sponsors. Five-A-Side football has made its mark in Cayman history, and I intend to do what it takes to continuing growing this sport which continues to grow in popularity.’

For information about sponsoring Five-A-Side Football at Kings contact Ray Singh at [email protected] or call 946-5464.