Sagicor lends Blues a hand

Sagicor General has stepped forward as a caring corporate citizen to assist the National Trust to help protect the remaining Blue Iguanas.

‘We could not standby and witness the extinction of a species as unique as the Blue Iguana. Furthermore, they are truly and uniquely Caymanian and part of our heritage, Cayman’s Heritage,’ said Mr. Danny Scott, president, Sagicor General Cayman.

Sagicor General has made a donation of $5,000 to assist with the security needs of the National Trust’s Blue Iguana Recovery Programme to help protect the remaining Blue Iguanas in captivity.

‘We hope our actions will inspire other businesses, big and small, to step up to the plate and join us in our stand against the violent attacks carried out on the Blue Iguanas’, said Ravi Kapoor, Marketing Manager, Sagicor General (Cayman).

‘Our review of the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme has shown that it is working successfully in bringing back species from the edge of extinction’, noted Mr. Scott. ‘The death of so many endangered species must not be allowed to occur again and with the support of people and businesses in the Cayman Islands we can ensure that it doesn’t’, he added.

Mr. Frank Roulstone, general manager of the Trust thanked Sagicor General for its support.

‘The work of the National Trust is heavily dependent on support from the Cayman community. We have a heavy burden to carry which we do happily, to protect the different aspects of Cayman’s heritage.’ said Mr. Roulstone.

‘We do this because we believe deeply in preserving our heritage, but we cannot do anything without both the financial support and the support of volunteers.’

The Blue Iguana Recovery Programme began in 1990 with a goal to secure wild, reproducing populations of the Grand Cayman Blue Iguana in protected areas, in such a way that their long-term future becomes secure without the need for constant human intervention. To date the programme has successfully introduced 220 Blue Iguanas into the Salina Reserve. In 2007 over 40 Blue Iguanas were released into the reserve.

To make a donation or learn more about the programme please contact the National Trust on 949-0121.

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