New general contractor for Cayman

A new major general contractor capable of building large-scale projects will soon start business on Grand Cayman.

Dart Enterprises Ltd is in the process of establishing Dart Enterprises Construction Company, which will be known as DECCO.

Susanna Blackburn, communications manager at Dart Realty, said DECCO’s primary purpose will be to service the ongoing construction needs at Camana Bay.

‘With the next phases of Camana Bay now in development, including the resort villages, marina and supporting infrastructure… the creation of DECCO will allow greater flexibility for Camana Bay’s procurement strategy,’ she said.

Ms Blackburn said the new construction company would give Dart Realty the choice to employ DECCO or other local contractors for upcoming projects, depending on availability and skill sets.

‘The decision to form a construction company was also prompted by current market demands,’ Ms Blackburn said, adding there were only a limited number of contractors in Cayman with the capability to complete large and complex projects.

Ms Blackburn pointed to the fact that so few construction companies bid on recent government projects.

The Government Office Accommodation Project had three general contractor bidders, but two subsequently withdrew. Two of three new high schools only had two bidders and one had three bidders.

DECCO has been pre-qualified to submit a bid on the new airport expansion project, Ms Blackburn confirmed, adding that DECCO will also possibly bid on non-government projects outside of Camana Bay.

To facilitate its staffing requirements, DECCO will recruit six management positions, Ms Blackburn said.

‘But the intention is to continue to work with local sub-contractors rather than hire direct labour in-house at DECCO.’

Although it is a new company, DECCO will offer considerable experience with large projects in the Cayman Islands. Its Chief Executive Officer Cameron Graham is a long-time veteran in Cayman’s construction industry, having had the helm of Hadsphaltic International here before moving over to Dart Realty.

‘DECCO will be able to leverage the experience and relationships we have established during the construction of Camana Bay, the largest construction project on the Cayman Islands,’ said Mr. Graham.

The division of DECCO as a dedicated construction company from Dart Realty, as a developer is part of a wider restructuring of the Dart organisation, which is preparing for future international expansion, Ms. Blackburn said.

‘As with other companies within the Dart Enterprises portfolio, the long-term intention for DECCO is that it will not only operate in the Cayman Islands, but will also be involved in projects overseas,’ she said.

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