Jamaica Independence

In celebration of Jamaica’s 46th anniversary of independence a festival and street dance is planned for Friday, 1 August.

The event, designed for the entire family, will be held on Cardinall Avenue. During the day there will be food stalls serving up traditional Jamaican fare and a lunch hour cultural presentation.

The menu will include traditional favourites such as roast yam and saltfish, rundown, jerk chicken and pork, manish water, ackee and codfish, blue draws, rice and peas and potato and cornmeal pudding.

There will also be a host of local arts and crafts on show.

Evening activities will kick-off with a slew of local gospel artists as well as a Miss Jamaica Independence contest, a show by dance group Dance Unlimited, the Fresh Boys dancers and on stage giveaways.

Music will be provided by Arif Cooper from Jamaican radio station Fame FM, DJ Marlon from HOT 104.1Fm and DJ Alec from Vibe FM.

Headlining the event is Jamaican singer/songwriter Roy Rayon.

Admission is free.

(More details to follow in a future edition of Entertainment.)