Donation hits high note

Ritch & Conolly recently donated $5,000 to the St Ignatius Catholic School Music Department.

The funds will be used to purchase new instruments.

Four full-time teachers specialise in both class and instrumental teaching and with an increasing demand within the student body, there are over 300 students (50 per cent of the school’s students) that take part in extra-curricular music programs such as concert band, steel band, choirs and the musical theatre group.

As the musical talent continues to grow so has the success rate of the students’ exam results. They have received awards including the ‘Excellence in Music’ from the National Children’s Festival of the Arts and the popularity of community-based concerts has increased to include recitals at George Town Hospital, The Pines Retirement Home, The Lighthouse School, Grand Harbour and Kirk Freeport .

All this has created a shortage of quality resources with some students sharing instruments with up to five others. St. Ignatius has 50 instruments (most of which are almost 10 years old) that are used by 175 students.


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