Davis gets karate gold

Harold Davis of the Cayman Islands Karate Federation captured gold at a tournament in El Salvador last month.

Davis competed in the Under-65kg class where at least 12 countries participated in the historic first World Sports Karate Organisation Championship.

Davis said: ‘That championship was very stiff competition. I went for gold and I got gold despite my knee injury. Before my fight I went to see the doctor to give me a pain killer and muscle relaxer called Methotarbeamol because my knee was sore, stiff and was inflated with liquid from my previous injury and from all my training.

‘This injury I received while I was in the finals in Mexico eight years ago that had damped me from gold. This time was different, I was ahead of the game.

‘The doctor then went to get permission from the head table for permission which was granted to give me the pain killer. He then preceded with a shot to my bottom which was very painful and lasted for a while. Luckily I had to wait for a while before my fight. He then proceeded with ice and constantly rubbing to help lubricate my joints followed by knee wraps.

‘This I had to do before and after each fight that lasted three minuets each. It was like I was in a Gladiator movie.’

Davis had to fight first someone from Belize then an American, Mexican, and finally for the gold an El Salvador fighter.

‘The fight against the El Salvador man went on to three different overtimes because of a draw which ended in ekenesatsu in Japanese meaning sudden death, first point wins.

‘I was very tired by now but I knew if I was tired he was tired also with a lot of ki’s and fakes I managed to let my opponent attack first by drawing out his technique he advanced with a mygerri (front kick) in which I was able to stop him with a fast oi zuke to his midsection winning the fight and capturing gold for the Cayman Islands.

‘It was my second gold for Caymans; I won a gold and bronze in Georgia, at the Pan American TaeKwondo Open Championship in the USA 2000.’

Despite the niggling knee, Davis will continue in competition. ‘Call me a mad man but when you love something you do it for the glory and for your country. I am looking forward to the 19th World Karate Championship this November in Tokyo. I would like to thank my wife and the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee for their support in this historic event.’

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