Today’s Editorial for August 11: Boys, please, try to act like men

A lot of women walking through central George Town on a busy day have experienced it.

The hissing, the whistling, the honking of horns, the calls of ‘hey baby!’ and even less appropriate things.

Women who have the random attention of some loser foisted upon them, because he apparently feels the need to express to the object of his harassment, and the rest of the world, that he just can’t help but declare his pathetic admiration for the fairer sex.

Some women may think it’s funny, or sad, or annoying, or even threatening. But most just keep on walking and pretend like it never happened.

In at least one case the Caymanian Compass knows of, a woman has stopped going downtown on Friday afternoons because she simply doesn’t want to put up with it anymore.

We at the newspaper would like to ask the guys participating in this disgusting behaviour a question: Has whistling, or hissing, or yelling at a female you don’t know from across the street in your car ever worked for you? How many ‘Julies’ have you picked up that way?

We’d bet not too many.

Now, there may be some people out there who read this and say, ‘hey, boys will be boys after all,’ and we are not disagreeing with that.

But chatting up and asking out a lady is different from the insulting, demeaning, even verbally assaultive behaviour, which is now being exhibited in the streets of our largest town.

Thinking that this is a correct way to treat anyone, much less someone you’re attracted to, tends to indicate a personal psychological state that hasn’t matured beyond the age of, say, 12.

In fact, it displays a disturbing societal trend where an apparently significant number of men believe women are simply objects to be whistled at and drooled over, rather than human beings to speak with and respect.

The Cayman Islands has a problem with domestic violence. The Compass has reported on it many times before, and although it may not be something people in the community like to talk about, we all know it’s there.

Is it such a stretch to believe that certain individuals who behave in the ways described above have adopted a certain ‘world-view’ in which it is alright, in their minds, to verbally or physically abuse women because these people believe women are nothing more than objects with skin and clothes wrapped around them?

Boys, please, try to act like men. You may find it brings more success with the women than the ‘love hiss’ method.

We’ll leave you with a quote from a wise woman who once told a man who approached her in this way on the streets of George Town the following:

‘If you don’t even know my name, you shouldn’t be talking to me that way.’