Daniel resigns from male search committee

Daniel Bodden, the former Mr. Cayman who searched seven years to hand over his title to another has resigned from the Mr. Cayman Male Search committee.

Daniel crowned Robert Ibeh as the new reigning Mr. Cayman at the Marriott Beach resort on 26 July and resigned less than a week thereafter – he said it was time to move on.

A lot of fans who supported Daniel’s role in the Cayman Male search will be sad to see him leave. Since his tenure with the committee Mr. Bodden has encouraged many young men that being an ambassador for their country was indeed an honour. His fans liked his flashy ways, friendly demeanour and passionate enthusiasm for the pageants.

For years he has been at the forefront of conducting beauty pageants and model competitions. He has represented the Cayman Islands as a Tourism ambassador in a number of overseas pageants and has brought home numerous trophies of which he is proud.

Daniel will be missed from the spotlight by his Cayman fans until he decides to return.

‘Getting to travel and represent your county is a great honour,’ said Daniel. ‘It gives one the opportunity to meet new people, gain friends and present an opportunity to let others know about the beautiful Cayman Islands.’

Daniel said it was a pleasure working with the committee and grooming the young men for the contest, but he felt that his work was done and it was time to move on to other things.

‘I am looking forward to having more time to pursue other options overseas. Chastine Rankine and Noel Evans will lead the new committee and any information concerning the newly crowned Mr Cayman should be forward to the new committee,’ he said.

Daniel will still remain as director of the Miss Cayman Tourism World alongside Rod Williams.

Daniel says he thanks everyone for his or her support and help over the years and sends his blessing to the future Mr Cayman 2008.