Airport traffic congestion warning

In an effort to prevent traffic congestion, in the event there are a large number of persons leaving the Island on Thursday, the Cayman Islands Airports Authority is appealing to people who are not traveling to avoid visiting the airport Thursday.

Persons who will be traveling are being notified that they should not park their vehicles along the roadsides of Owen Roberts Drive and are encouraged to seek alternate arrangements for their vehicles if there is no parking available at the Airport. Any abandoned vehicles will be towed.

The public is also advised that the airport’s long term parking lot will be open and the cost will be $7 per day. When the long term parking lot is full, persons may use the short term parking lot and will be charged the same rate of $7 per day. Based on availability, the short term parking lot will be open and the cost will be $2 per hour for persons who may be at the airport for shorter periods during the day.

Motorists will be allowed to enter the airport lanes if they are dropping off passengers and leaving the area immediately. No parking will be allowed in any of the lanes at the airport and unattended vehicles will be towed.

The Airports Authority assures the public that these measures are being taken to maintain order and safety at the airport.