International artist Seth Chwast at NG

The National Gallery will play host to international artist Seth Chwast.

The exhibition, Images of the Cayman Islands, is scheduled to open Thursday, 23 October, following on from the gallery’s current exhibition From Within V1.

Artist Seth Chwast was diagnosed with autism as a young child. In 2003, aged 20, Seth took an oil painting class at the Cleveland Museum of Art. A dramatic change took place. Seth, who rarely speaks, began describing his world in paint, his work reflecting his innate ability to mix colours and create amazing works of art that reflect his vision of his world and the world around him.

As well as highlighting the work of local artists, each year or so the gallery aims to showcase the work of an international artist, or group of artists. The last international show, au courant, was held in 2007 and showcased the work of eight international artists – Carlos Betancourt, Glexis Novoa, Peter Sarkisian, Raymond Saá, John Salvest, Teresa Diehl, Kianga Ford and Satoshi Ohno, as well as local artists Aston Ebanks and Bendel Hydes.

Mona L. Tatum-Watler, National Gallery communications and marketing manager said she hopes the exhibition will prove an inspiration to all.

‘We are delighted to have Seth visit us here at the Gallery and are moved by his works.

‘Here in Cayman we have a small community of persons with special needs and we encourage those persons and family members to come out and be apart of this awesome experience.’

She added: ‘Seth is truly an inspiration and we hope that his work will persuade others to do great things’.