Ladies take to the track

Who said racing is just a man’s sport?

The Cayman Motorsports Association in an effort to get the ladies involved had their first Ladies Skills Day on 17 August behind Progressive Industries.

Even though it was a small turn out of participants, many others came out to show their support. Vicki Hulse, Jodi Jackson and Kimberly Huggins took part. Vicki and Kimberly shared a 1996 Hyundai Accent and Jodi was in her sleek Scion TC.

The participants had to manoeuvre through obstacles that tested their smoothness, speed and stopping capabilities. The three were taught and helped by veteran racer Gary Huggins.

‘I was very glad to see the ladies come out and improve their skills. There are many women who are interested in cars and racing and now they have the opportunity to get involved and we very much want them to get involved,’ said Mr. Huggins.

Vicki and Kimberly Huggins are Time Attack regulars who assist with timing every month and organising the events. Vicki who has watched and supported her husband Bobby Hulse, chief Time Attack organiser felt it was her time to get behind the wheel.

“I love watching my husband race but nothing beats the thrill you get of being behind the wheel and even being a passenger with a skilled driver, like my hubby,” said Vicki. “Being able to race in a safe environment and have veteran drivers such as Gary Huggins teach you the correct way to view the course and what to do and expect to happen is invaluable. Also going sideways (safely), hearing the tires screech when doing a 180 degree – I love it all. The skills day taught me a lot and gave me the confidence I needed to get out there and drive. I’m really excited for the next event and hope more ladies will come out after they see the three of us on the track.”

Jodi, who has an extreme interest in cars and anything to do with racing has been a fan of Time Attack for some time. She wants to improve her driving skills.

‘The skills day has helped me improve my skills and I want to encourage women to come and give it a try. It’s fun and helps you control your car better and I’m looking forward to participating in upcoming events. It’s a good experience and even better to see us women out there and getting involved in these kinds of activities.’

Kimberly, who is Gary’s daughter said, ‘I grew up with racing and have always loved it. I’m so happy that I now have the chance to drive myself and improve my skills. We ladies tend to be on the sidelines running things so the guys can race. But it’s our time to get out there and the guys have truly been supportive of that. We encourage more ladies to come out and will be putting on more ladies skills days in the future. Everyone has a right to improve their driving skills and Time Attack is for everyone – young and old, male and female – it’s a wonderful event.’

For more information on the next event or just general questions, email [email protected], visit the discussion forum at or give Bobby a call at 916-5137.

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