One of those days…

Did you ever have one of those days when things didn’t go as you’d planned?

Not a day when everything goes wrong, just that, things didn’t seem to go your way. Well…, that’s how my day has begun.

I usually walk, each day, along South Sound Road west from Old Crewe Road and then return on the same route.

Thursday morning as I was on the return leg of my trek, I was walking on the beach side of the road so that I was facing oncoming traffic.

This affords an opportunity to walk on the paved surface when no traffic is approaching. As I met a few vehicles, I stepped off of the pavement into the sandy roadside.

This area also has stones and gravel in the sand, which can make walking a little rough. I stepped on a stone and twisted an ankle and fell headlong into the sand and gravel. I think that I tried to dig up the beach like a backhoe with my bottom jaw; my glasses and cap went flying.

I arose, attempting to act as nonchalant as one can act at a moment like this, collected my cap, my shades, and my wits and began walking again.

It was then that I realised that my knees were bleeding profusely. Like most older guys, I include an aspirin each day in my medication regimen. As a result, any small nick or scratch will bleed terribly.

Fortunately, I had put a paper towel in my pocket as I left the house this morning. I began to wipe the blood from both knees and soon realized that my one towel was not going to suffice. RCIP to the rescue.

A very kind and concerned police officer stopped and offered aid. A few towelletes from his first aid kit helped in cleaning up my bloody mess and I was able to continue my walk home.

I would like to thank the officer, whose name I did not get, for his care and assistance. I am sure that my knees will be sore tomorrow but I will be back out there walking again.

Randy Kinsey

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