Paulette will raise Athletic’s profile

Cayman Athletic have a new president in Paulette Conolly-Bailey and she is keen to maximise her term in the role both on the field and activities wise.

She said: ‘I’m the new president for 2008/9 of Cayman Athletic Sports Club. We have approximately 45 children on the roll, ranging in age from 10 to 16. This year we’ll have three teams playing in the Youth League, playing in the Under-13, U-15 and U-17.

‘One of my goals which is also shared with our technical director, coach Gillie Seymour, is to develop the young footballers as community minded youngsters.

‘We want to not only teach football but teach them life skills and how to give back to the community.

‘So throughout the year we’ll be doing various activities like we did this morning. Our theme was to dress in pink and red and to walk around the field and all the money we collected – which was over $100 – will be going to the Lions Club of the Tropical Gardens to help with their Breast Cancer and general cancer campaigns. The boys raised the money themselves.

‘We’re also going to be doing something with Street Skills and the Beautification Committee. We’re also doing a soccer moms clinic next month, so we have some interesting things planned to help the children and their families develop a better relationship and just to be outstanding citizens.’

Mrs. Conolly-Bailey has a personal interest in seeing the footballers do well. ‘My son Arin plays for Cayman Athletic but I must say it’s not just him, I care for all the boys.’