Seiji’s clear of Courtis threat

Seiji Groome may be only 15 but he is currently the fastest swimmer in the Cayman Islands. With the Fraser brothers, Shaune and Brett, off island, Groome continues his dominance.

He won the Zulu 2-mile Sea Swim from Governor’s Beach on Saturday in 46 minutes and 33 seconds. The main sponsors were Zulu’s Red Bull and Fiji water and 57 competed with 55 finishing.

But another set of brothers will soon be challenging Groome because Matthew Courtis, 13, was second in 46:48 and his sibling Christopher, only 11, finished in 46:56.

Groome’s time was about three minutes slower than the course record set by Joel Rombough in 2005 but it was still a great swim in a race postponed for two weeks because of choppy waters.

Groome was always aware of the menace of the fast improving Courtis brothers. ‘At the last turn I saw they were just behind me so I decided to go flat out and take off and pulled ahead of them,’ he said. ‘Seeing that I’ve done the 5k a lot, swimming two miles wasn’t too difficult.’

Groome added: ‘I’m doing the Pirates Week 5k next and between that there’s the Turtle Tri. I’m doing it with Beth Schreader and she said she’ll find a biker.’

Flower Summers, 15, was the first female home. She was fourth overall and said: ‘I think this was my fastest swim so far. I’m working on closing the gap with Seiji. My sister Terri came behind me. She’s coming up to me for definite but the sibling rivalry is okay.’

Fifth was Josh Bain, sixth was Lara Butler, seventh was Jeffrey Butler and Terri Flowers was eighth.