Red Cross marks World AIDS Day

The Cayman Islands Red Cross has launched a calendar to mark World AIDS Day today.

The 2009 calendar features eight Peer Educators from Red Cross ‘Together We Can HIV and AIDS Programme’ wearing black T-shirts with the insignia HIV+.

Red Cross Programme Manager Carolina Ferreirs said the powerful photos give rise to the official launch of the ‘HIV+…until proven negative, Get Tested’ poster campaign.

The calendar is available outside Scotia Bank, all Foster’s Food Fair locations and Hurley’s Marketplace.

‘Our aim is to get this calendar in every business, school, church and home,’ said Ms Ferreira. ‘Not only is it useful for your day-to-day needs, but it also lists in red free testing days, which are being offered by the Public Health Department here in Cayman and as a reminder of the importance of testing.’

‘It was one year ago today that Red Cross volunteers of all ages took to the streets of Grand Cayman sporting a T-shirt that boldly read ‘HIV+.

What began as an eye catching and eyebrow raising T-shirt campaign has gained a life of its own.’

Ms Ferreira said volunteers went out as they do every year to raise awareness of World AIDS Day, within a couple of months news of the T-shirts of Cayman Red Cross efforts made international news.

‘Suddenly request were coming in from Scotland to Malaawi from person who wanted one,’ she said.

‘The response was so positive we joined forces with talented local photographer Chuck Bishop of A Thousand Words Photography and came up with the calendar.