Poll: Most won’t visit dolphins

More than 61 per cent of the 840 respondents to the most recent caycompass.com online poll said they would not go to either of Cayman’s new dolphinariums.

The majority of those who said they would not go – 459 people or 54.6 per cent – said they would not go because they think dolphinariums are wrong.

‘They will produce too much waste and dolphins should not be captive,’ said one person.

‘[Dolphinariums] no longer exist in the UK because they have been found to be inhumane,’ said someone else. ‘Why are we not taking the same position? I wonder how many will die in captivity here?’

‘That’s like asking would you go to a Nazi Germany death camp and participate in the gassing of people,’ said another respondent. ‘Dolphins are the most intelligent species next to humans and for every one incarcerated for human pleasure, 100 die along the way. Millions of people around the world will boycott the Cayman Islands for hosting a dolphin incarceration camp.’

‘It will be a sad day for Cayman when the first dolphin park opens,’ said yet another respondent. ‘A country with a proud tradition of marine conservation will be embracing something so cruel. But that’s Cayman; where the dollar is king.’

Another 54 respondents – 6.4 per cent – said they would not go because they were not interested.

‘I have better ways to spend my money,’ said one person.

‘It’s just another tourist trap on the island that the sons of the wealthy are trying to capitalize on,’ said someone else.

Almost a quarter of the respondents – 202 people or 24 per cent – said they would go to one of the dolphinariums and would swim with the dolphins.

‘I don’t see anything wrong with it,’ said one respondent. ‘If you can go around the world and pay to swim with the dolphins or watch them putting on shows, I don’t see why Cayman can’t do the same thing. If it is wrong for Cayman then it should be wrong for the rest of the world and the same people who are against it here should not go abroad and visit these places.’

‘Why not?’ asked someone else. ‘Since it’s here to stay, let’s enjoy it as Caymanians instead of spending money in another country’s economy, where the same attraction is readily available and is being used by everyone, including Caymanians.’

‘I would love to,’ said another respondent. ‘It all depends on the price. I couldn’t be selfish – I have a wife and three kids who would have to go, too.’

Fifty-two people – 6.2 per cent – said they would go to one of the dolphinariums, but they wouldn’t swim with the dolphins.

‘I will only go once because I am opposed to dolphins in captivity,’ said one person.

‘I probably won’t swim with the dolphins,’ said someone from the Sister Islands. ‘But, hey, after what Paloma did, I am certain to go for entertainment over on the big island. It will be cheaper than Florida.’

Another 35 respondents (4.2 per cent) said they would go to one of the dolphinariums, but only with visiting houseguests.

‘I swam with the dolphins in Mexico, but so many people are against it, I feel terrible going again.’

Thirty-eight people (4.5 per cent) said they did not know if they would go to one of the dolphinariums.

‘It’s way to costly,’ said one person.

‘I prefer the Broncos over the Dolphins,’ said someone else.’