PwC raise funds for the Brac

Two families affected by Hurricane Paloma in Cayman Brac saw Christmas a little brighter thanks to PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

pwc donations

PwC Shannon Moylan, Caroline Moore and Anne Bennetts with donations for the Brac. Photo: Jewel Levy

The Christmas fundraiser generated CI$10,000 to be donated to the two families.

A single mother with three children lost everything during Hurricane Paloma.

She had to swim to safety with the children during the storm.

Presently she is housed with her parents while accelerated repairs and reconstruction is taking place on her two bedroom dwelling.

The other family is a 84-year-old mother and her 58-year-old daughter. The mother suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and the daughter suffers from hypertension, poor circulation and blood cots in her legs.

Their small dwelling was badly damaged but they have been able to remain housed there.

Those involved in the fundraising were: Anne Bennetts, Caroline Moore, Benjamin Withinshaw, Shannon Moylan (Senior Associates) coordinated by Courtney Phipps (HR) and Nick Freeland (Partner).

Liz Walton (PA to Moses Kirkconnell MLA Cayman Brac), identified the two families badly affected by Hurricane Paloma.

The PwC fundraising was done by splitting staff into two teams based on seating arrangements in the office.

Various events such as a civvies day, cake sales, book sale and guess the number of sweets were organized.

Monetary donations and spare household goods were accepted and taken to the Brac.

CI$1,500 was raised and the amount was matched by PwC. The amount of funds raised was further supplemented by a commitment of $10,000.

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