CNB credit/debit card issue resolved

LIME and Cayman National Bank issued a joint press release Monday stating they had worked together to resolve an issue concerning the use of CNB credit and debit cards on Christmas Eve.

Some customers experienced difficulties using their CNB-issued credit and debit cards at businesses using Cayman National’s card processing system, but LIME Country Manager Anthony Ritch said the issue was resolved on Christmas Day.

‘Both LIME and CNB had all hands on deck working through the Christmas time to get the situation fixed as soon as possible,’ Mr. Ritch said. ‘It was truly a joint effort with CNB.’

Cayman National Bank President Ormond Williams said some shoppers were still able to make their purchases.

‘Although some shoppers experienced delays when using their credit and debit cards at a few businesses, we know that many were still able to get through with their last minute shopping, as several businesses used the back-up manual process,’ he said.

Not all merchants using the CNB system were affected by the problem. In addition, all 17 of Cayman National’s ATMs continued to function properly, giving customers access to cash.

Mr. Williams praised the effort to resolve the problem.

‘Our staff, supported by LIME’s engineers, worked continuously day and night into Christmas Day to have the issue corrected.’

LIME provides CNB with data communication links. Its engineers made changes to the LIME network and systems on both sides were thoroughly tested to help resolve the immediate issue.

The joint press release stated the investigation into what caused the problem was still ongoing and that further improvements will be made once the matter was fully understood.

‘LIME and CNB continue to work closely together to ascertain the origin of the fault and to ensure this issue does not recur.’

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