Weekly diabetes walks planned

Diabetics are being encouraged to get involved in a new weekly walking group to boost their health and help manage their diabetes.

The 30 minute beach walks will kick off at 6.30am on Wednesday, 14 January at Pageant Beach and will be repeated every Saturday at 8am, beginning 17 January.

The walks will be moderate, meaning ‘you should be able to carry on a conversation comfortably,’ said the walk’s leader, exercise physiologist Deanna Smith.

Organiser Christina Rowlandson of the Diabetes Support Group noted that group activities can be a great motivational tool. ‘Walking is the activity of choice because it is great exercise, safe and cost effective,’ she said.

While the walks are being organised by the Diabetes Support Group, everyone is welcome to come along, she emphasised.

‘Being physically active is an important part of what doctors call diabetes self-management’ Ms Rowlandson commented.

‘Additional areas of diabetes self-management are healthy eating, monitoring, medications, reducing risk, keeping well and stress reduction,’ she added.

‘Exercise has great benefits and is vital for those of us living with diabetes because it helps keep us fit and can help ward off serious and scary complications such as heart disease and stroke.’

Ms Smith outlined the potential health benefits for participants.

‘This kind of exercise is good for your heart because it is an aerobic activity. Other activities such as strength training are good for your muscles too, but whatever your exercise program, the best one is the program you stick with’ she said.

To register, email [email protected] or call 926-1053.