Gadgets for the busy kitchen

Battery-Operated Cork Screw–Instead of a regular wine opener, these electronic wine openers are fun to use and also a fun gift to give. Depending on the power and wattage, they can open a range of anywhere between a dozen and 50 bottles of wine when fully charged. It takes about two hours to charge and you simply press the forward operation button and the cork is automatically removed.

Programmable Timer–The Polder programmable timer is great for keeping track of what you are cooking. It is lightweight and hangs around your neck. You plug in the time the recipe calls for and you can walk away without worrying that you might burn something. You can also use this for anything–not just cooking.

Thermometer–This Polder is a battery-operated thermometer with a four-foot long metal probe that connects to a monitor you keep outside the oven. This way, you never have to open the oven door. The alarm sounds when you have reached the desired temperature. You should look for monitors that have easy to read dials and shatter proof glass. You should also consider if you are using a thermometer for meats and/or candy. Make sure the thermometer can go up to a high temperature. You can also find ones that are wireless.

Digital Scale–Digital scales are great for anyone to eat healthy. The food scale calculates the nutritional value of about 900 different types of foods and ingredients. You just place a portion on the weighing tray and enter the food and it will tell you the calories, protein, fat, cholesterol, carbs, and other things.

Immersion Blender–If you don’t have one, get one. It is one of those gadgets that makes life so much easier. If you are making a soup and need to transfer it to the blender–you don’t have to–just put the wand in the pot and it will mix all the ingredients. Some come with attachments like a whisk or a small food processor. You can take off the “wand” and use the different attachments. Some are also cordless with rechargeable batteries and have varying speeds.