Reckoning day near

What about ‘one person one vote’ and equal protection of the law?

Why have our government officials ignored the implementation of the ‘boundary commission electoral report of 2003? What are they afraid of?

Both parties are too busy mixing politics with policy to the determent of our citizens. They are a throwback to the days ‘of the people by the people and for the people’ doing what’s best for themselves.

When are they going to learn that political posturing isn’t working?

The UK is doing the same thing to Cayman they did in Iraq when they had control. The Governor has too much power and must be reigned in like Minister Alden says.

Prior leaders of government totally failed our people on this issue.

They were happy to be colonial slaves being at the head of the line to get bigger crumbs. Those days are long gone. The social fabric of our country is breaking down because our leadership has failed on all levels.

Crime is everywhere and what have our elected officials done but stand by and watch?

They sure know how to drain our treasury. A day of reckoning is near and the issues are crystal clear.

Albert Jackson