Trade Missions open doors to opportunity

International trade missions are an important membership benefit and a key strategic and economic development focus for the Chamber of Commerce.

Since the Cayman Islands relies mainly on imports, the advantages of trade missions to source new locations for products, especially for small companies, is significant. In 2009 the Chamber will return to Panama City from 2 to 6 March for the fourth consecutive trade mission opening even more opportunities to member businesses. 
Trade missions provide in-depth exposure to the culture, business and political climate of the country. Delegates connect with business and government officials as part of a structured programme. In the last four years the Chamber has visited Panama, many delegates have been able to establish reliable sales and product contacts, receive in depth market information, assess new opportunities, infrastructure and potential demand, discover new potential suppliers and create relationships and learn first-hand about the culture, customs, business and operating environment.

Raised Profile

Affiliation with the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce adds prestige and credibility to your visit and helps you to establish contacts with individuals who might not be accessible if you travelled alone.

Increased Networking Opportunities
The Chamber of Commerce is the world’s largest network of businesses. Before arriving, the Cayman Chamber contacts its counterpart organisations to arrange networking events and to learn more about conducting business during the trip. Members of the Panama business community are familiar now with our Chamber’s annual trip and the Chamber organises a well-attended high-profile networking evening with Panama’s business leaders in order to facilitate informal introductions to potential suppliers or partners.

Shared Experience
Several members have supported the trade mission each year in order to meet again with already established business contacts for an annual meeting. New delegates are encouraged to talk with seasoned trade mission participants for tips and introductions. Missions prove to be excellent networking opportunities within the membership.

The Chamber can assist in organising familiarisation trips for delegates. The Panama trips have included stops at the Colon Free Trade Zone and businesses operating in Panama City. The trade mission also coincides with the largest trade show in the region, Expocomer. Delegates receive free admission as part of the trade mission package.

Joint Promotion
The Chamber aims to promote all of the delegates present and our Islands as a whole to the visited country. The Ministry of Tourism, Environment, Investment & Commerce has accompanied us on all of our missions to Panama, assisting with promoting our islands as a business and tourism destination.
The Chamber has organised trade missions to Costa Rica and has coordinated visiting missions from Costa Rica, the United States, Canada, Cuba, Jamaica, Honduras, Trinidad and Tobago, Germany and the United Kingdom. If your business is interested in learning more about the Chamber’s trade mission programme, please contact Mr. Wil Pineau, CCE, at 925-2323 or write to [email protected]