Time Attack cancelled

Local racing missed a gear this weekend.

A dexterity race scheduled for Saturday night was reportedly cancelled.

time attack

Racers will have to wait to dodge cones again.
Photo: Matthew Yates

Jay Bodden’s property on Sparky Drive off North Sound Road was scheduled to be the site of the race.

The event was slated to be the first Time Attack race of the year put on by the Cayman Motorsports Association.

News of the cancellation came late last week after Friday’s paper had already gone to press.

CMA issued a statement on the matter.

The statement reads: ‘Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances and in an effort to continue with Time Attack at the organizational standard that we have set thus far we are forced to cancel the Time Attack event which was scheduled to take place on Jan 30th 2009.

‘We extend our sincerest apologies to all of those who were looking forward to this event. For persons interested in entering the Championship for this year, this cancellation will not affect points and we will count points only from the first Time Attack of 2009 which is scheduled to be held February 28th.

‘We are still scheduled for 10 events this year so this will not be a slow year by any means. Do not be dismayed about missing this month as there will be many more opportunities throughout year.’

Head Time Attack Organizer Bobby Hulse was contacted to expound on the situation and he offered a clearer explanation of what happened.

‘I deeply apologize to everyone that was geared up for the event. We didn’t decide to cancel the event until the last minute. Basically a lot of things were going on and a lot of our people were involved in Hero’s Day preparations.

‘From what I heard from local racers no one was ready and a lot of cars were not finished.

‘It seemed that we were much better off waiting until next month.’

Aside from the level of preparation on the part of racers and organizers weather was also a factor.

Throughout the week there were conflicting weather reports that predicted various degrees of bad weather conditions for Saturday.

All seemed to concur that there would be a very high chance of rain, which would make dexterity racing outdoors unsuitable.

For Hulse the weather dictated they wait to put on an event that would work.

‘Many people were saying that there would be really bad weather. With that being the case it didn’t make sense to rush ahead and put on something.’

The last Time Attack event took place on 30 November 2008.

Keith Parker Tibbetts III won the event in his blue Subaru Impreza Sti.

Tibbetts would win the championship run in a time of 87.987 seconds.

Details on the next Time Attack race scheduled for Saturday 28 February will be released at a later date.

Hulse went on to offer some insight into what is currently in the works for TA races in 2009.

‘From now on Friday night technical inspections will be mandatory. We will also be starting earlier with each race set to begin at 6pm. The idea is to handle more cars and have everyone finish earlier.

‘There will be a number of rule changes for the races and there will be a championship format in effect this year.’

In addition Hulse says there are large scale events in the works that could even include road racing.

‘We’re trying to put together a calendar of events and we’re aiming for a lot of big races.

‘One of those could be an island invitational at the end of the year where possibly we invite international racers (in addition to local racers) to come out and compete on a blocked-off section of public road.’