Sculpture garden will have multiple uses

The National Gallery’s plans for its new location off the Harquail bypass feature a two-floor gallery, an auditorium space and a beautiful sculpture garden.

The project, which will cost $3.2 million, will allow much more room for the Gallery, as well as featuring a variety of outdoor and indoor spaces for use for art shows and to rent out.

One of these outdoor spaces is a large sculpture garden at the back of the property, which will have a coffee shop and benches throughout, to enable people to use it as an informal meeting spot, said National Gallery Director Nancy Barnard.

‘The sculpture garden is going to be used for a reflection garden,’ she said.
‘It’s quite large and people can sit down and relax, and if people wish to meet and have coffee, we’re going to have a coffee shop, and then they can sit in the garden.’

Artists and patrons are invited to donate funds or sculptures to be displayed in the garden. The garden can also be used for exhibiting art shows.

‘We can have rotating shows where people can do artwork and display it in an outdoor show,’ explained Ms Barnard.

The auditorium on the site can be rented out for use by businesses or for private functions. There will also be landscaped gardens for sale that line the entrance to the Gallery.

‘We get 40 per cent of the funding we need to run from Government and the rest of the time I have to go out and hustle for 60 per cent,’ said Ms Barnard.

‘We have $1 million left to raise for the whole project. The whole thing is $3.2 million and we’ve raised $2.2 million.’

Building cannot begin on the project until the total funds are raised, as nonprofits by law cannot borrow funds.

Deutsche Bank is a major supporter of the National Gallery, funding an arts scholarship and internship annually. The sculpture garden is an initiative of the bank.

Janet Hislop at Deutsche Bank emphasised the bank’s dedication to the project.

‘Our support of this major initiative will … give locals and visitors alike the opportunity to engage with sculpture work by Caymanian artists,’ said Ms Hislop.

‘I am looking forward to seeing how our contribution will help as this unique space develops and makes visiting the new National Gallery a really rich experience … Deutsche Bank believes passionately in art as a source of inspiration and enlightenment.’

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