Immune system is key to health

First it’s a few sniffles and sneezes and then, all of a sudden, symptoms of a cold appear.

It was one of those days for me today – one many of you have probably had too, where every time you try to lift your head off the pillow, the great hand above seems to push you back down.

Rest says a voice, and you say to yourself, I can’t rest, there’s too much to do. Thankfully this happened on one of my rare days off and i took the advice of a girlfriend, who has said ‘stay in your jammies all day.’

Rest is such a vital link to health and wellness. It provides the body with time for rejuvenation and renewal, right down to a cellular level.

Unfortunately, many of us are working the treadmill overtime as a result of parental voices from ages ago that linked rest and downtime with laziness. In today’s busy-busy circuit, we may be losing the art of rest and relaxation.

Are you are pushing the envelope just a little too far? Staying too late at work; overextending your social life to late hours; eating fast junk food rather than wholesome meals; worrying about something or just being on the run too much? If so, you need to take extra care to protect your vital immune system. It is the body’s defense against illness and disease. The following lifestyle suggestions are helpful for maintaining health and wellness.

Eat vital, life giving foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Supplement your diet with Vitamin C, B-Vitamins for Stress, Vitamin E (check with your Physician before supplementation). Limit toxic substances such as colas, coffee and alcohol.

Spend time outside every day with fresh air, a little sunshine and nature’s goodness.

Rest and relax. Go to bed at a reasonable hour. Take naps.Change negative thinking patterns of worry, fear, criticism and anxiety. Negative thoughts deposit more toxins into our body than junk food.

Get physically active. The secret to getting over a cold is often to go for a run, swim or power walk to boost metabolism. Rather than sitting back and waiting for the sniffles to turn into a cold, get positive and get active immediately. This is a mindset that has worked for me over many, many years.

Here is to a healthier you.