Charges filed after gun incident

Osbourne Wilfred Douglas, a resident of Myles Lane in George Town, appeared in Summary Court on Wednesday charged with possessing an unlicensed firearm and wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Douglas, 22, was remanded in custody. Crown Counsel Alister Cumming told Magistrate Nova Hall he opposed bail because of the seriousness of the charges. The allegations were that Douglas discharged a firearm at someone, causing a wound to that person’s head.

According to details of the charges, the incident occurred on 13 April (Easter Monday) in the area of Myles Lane and Martin Drive. That area is off Shedden Road.

Mr. Cumming pointed to the mandatory 10-year sentence for firearm offences and indicated this was sufficient reason to consider Douglas a flight risk.

The magistrate said she did not consider him a flight risk, but was concerned about the commission of offences while on bail. She also cited the nature and seriousness of the charges as her reasons for denying bail.

Defence Attorney Ben tonner made the bail application. He said evidence was fairly limited at this stage.

The individual wounded had alleged that he was shot by Douglas but, according to Mr. Tonner’s instructions, had already approached the investigating officer to ask that the charges be dropped.

The attorney said there appeared to be no other witnesses to the incident.

Mr. Cumming said inquiries were ongoing as to whether there were other witnesses. Forensic analysis was also ongoing.

Mr. Tonner asked for a preliminary inquiry date, so that the matter could proceed to Grand Court as quickly as possible.

The magistrate set 10 June as the inquiry date, with another mention on 26 May.